It all started...
LIFEWORKS is a solo practice that consists of Dr. Fisher and three massage therapists.  
This allows us to help more and more people each day.
Our office is up to date with all the latest chiropractic and health information.  We use a
broad range of techniques in order to help as many different groups of patients as we can,
from infants to elderly to pregnant women.  Each person that walks through the door is
important to us and each will be greeted with a warm and welcoming smile and hello!
"You can not
solve problems
with the same
level of thinking
that existed when
the problems
were created."

Where we are today...
In order to allow patients to receive the care they deserve, LIFEWORKS has expanded its
knowledge base and now does nutritional counseling.
This enables us to help our patients in all aspects of their lives.  Many times, the cause of
many problems can be traced back to what we put in our bodies.  So if we address the
outside and inside we can put all the pieces together.  
Massage Therapists
Dr. Justin Fisher
Tammy Taylor
Krista Dye
South Windermere Shopping Center
Charleston, SC 29407